Copywriting (writing and editing text)

Copywriting (writing and editing text)

Currently, competently and interestingly written text not only attracts customers, but also improves SEO optimization and quality score in Google Ads.

Price: Copywriting from 30 EUR / page

Writing and editing text is a matter that requires care, literacy, creativity, the ability to explain complex things in simple language. Text is one of the most important parts of a website's content.

Poorly written text lowers your position on Google.

How is the work going:

  1. The most effective keywords for your field of activity are compiled.
  2. Based on the composed words, we begin to write competent text, observing all the necessary formatting rules.
  3. We put the text on the site.

Why us?

  • our texts are easy to read and perceived by the reader
  • our texts are optimized for SEO
  • our texts are correct
  • our texts are formatted and do not contain extra code