Google ads

Google ads

Want to be in the right place at the right time? Google ads is solution Your company totally needs.

The most effective way to find new clients is to advertise Your website on Google. In this case, You will get maximum coverage of the target group. Compared to other advertising types, Google ads is one of the cheapest and most affordable way to promote Your business in the Internet.

What is included:

  • Ads management by experienced professionals
  • The right setup for keywords, titles, texts and webpage
  • Competitor analysis
  • Free internet marketing consulting
  • Free consulting for Your website

Price: Google Ads from 100 EUR per month

What is Google Ads? (AdWords)

Google Ads is a Google advertising platform. It displays ads based on keywords you search on all Google platforms (like search, gmail, google maps, youtube, etc). It will definitely help You to reach your target audience.

How Google Ads works?

Based on Google service, Media1 OÜ analyzes and selects relevant keywords people use for search and cheates actual ads with additional extensions.

Google Ads is right solution for You if you need:

  1. Increase Your website traffic
  2. Increase Your brand recognition
  3. Make Your website easy to find

We are Google partners and our services include:

  • Advertising campaigns creation in Search engines
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Statistical performance analysis
  • Regular communication with our customers and feedback
  • Monthly reports
  • Recommendations and campaign updates

How price is determined?

Google ads platform using is free and You pay only when an user clicks on your company’s ads (pay-per-click или PPC).

Google ads is the most universal tool for promoting Your business. The main advantage is that advertising is shown only if a potential customer is interested in Your services.

To be Your campaign successful, setting up it once will be inefficient. The manager must carefully monitor the popularity of advertisement every day.

Our team has an experience in advertising in every type of business. More than 1000 campaigns work on our account every day. 95% of our customers are happy with us. Unfortunately, it is difficult to promote the remaining 5% because of their specific activity.