Website development, website SEO and Google Ads

What do we do?

Hey. My name is Sergei Toroptsev. I am the CEO of the Media1 web agency.

We develop interesting creative websites and apps of varying complexity. And we do it perfectly.

What Do You get?

You get a thoughtful product of the highest quality. We research our client's business and his competitors; we draw design; we do layouts; we develop the necessary functionality for your website. Clients use our websites with comfort.

Sergei Toroptsev, CEO

Website development

Website development is the main focus of Media1 OÜ company. We have been providing a wide range of services, which are related to business on the Internet (Website development, Google ads, SEO and more) since 2016.

We offer many solutions for website development: from Landing pages and Business websites to eCommerces, advanced web portals, applications. We are in good relationships with our clients and we guarantee professional website development both for Estonia and other countries.

Before website development we research the market, analyze competitors, evaluate the effectiveness of solutions. Website development will be more effective if we see factors influencing the result.

Website development process includes a lot of work. For example: technical task formation, layout development, website prototype development, CMS (Content Management System) installation.

As additional services, we offer unique and high-quality text writing.

We research the audience of Your business, Your competitors. It helps us to find unique and interesting ideas for Your business. Because of that, all our projects are high-qualified and unique.

Today Media1 OÜ company is one of the leading companies in Estonia in website development and website promotion.

Website development

Professional website development, when we pay attention to specifics of Your business. It allows our websites to be as effective as possible.

We develop from the easiest (landing page) projects to big and complex projects. After website development we continue to communicate with our clients. We support them and promptly resolve any issues.

Website promotion

The best and effective way to attract new clients to Your website is website promotion.

We offer 2 main website promotion services: SEO and Google Ads.

Our team

  • Sergei Toroptsev
    Sergei Toroptsev

    CEO / Developer

  • Mihhail Shulkin
    Mihhail Shulkin

    Marketing director

  • Jekaterina Koval
    Jekaterina Koval


  • Viktoria Pung
    Viktoria Pung


  • Dmitry Cryden
    Dmitry Cryden