Website is created, Google ads working, but new customers don’t come? Are you visible to potential customers?

Media1 OÜ will help You to promote Your website in organic search. We do hard marketing work with Google (SEO).

What is included:

  • Titles and texts optimization
  • Writing the correct meta-tags
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Website speed optimization
  • Link building
  • Website promotion only by legal methods

Website promotion from 100 EUR per month

What is SEO?

SEO - search engine optimization.

SEO goal is to do Your website available for search and attract new visitors interested in Your products or services.

SEO mainly do with content optimization (texts, images) because of keywords.

SEO – why You need it?

SEO helps to show Your customers that Your company works and grows. SEO is not the most important thing. But if competitor do it and You do not, Google search will promote him above You.

The final goal of website optimization is to increase Your website’s rating and do it available for search.

Is website optimization a complex process?

Website optimization process is not complex, but it requires time and skills in different areas.

Nevertheless, we have SEO-experts who can optimize a website technically, think over strategies, analyze keywords and write good web-content. We think about every company’s goals and can do necessary technical optimizations in website’s code.

First results appear approximately after 2 months after works starting.

You need to understand that if You need customers right now then SEO is not suitable for You. This type of promotion gives result only in long term. For fast promotion Google Ads is more preferable.