About Wordpress websites and our Estonian hostings

It is important to know if you already have a Wordpress website on an Estonian hosting (for example, Zone, Veebimajutus).

About Wordpress websites and our Estonian hostings

Safety of Wordpress websites

2 years ago our clients addressed us with a request to modify their website. Their site was built on a WordPress and they continuously experienced problems. Viruses, spam from forms did not allow our customers to work calmly.

Without hesitation we offered them our genuine solution – to transfer the web site to CMS based on Laravel. The clients agreed. We launched the website and everything worked well.

Not so long ago there was a necessity to make small changes on the website. I downloaded the project and discovered 2 suspicious files in the web site root. I already had a wide experience in cleaning Wordpress websites from viruses and I realized what kind of files I discovered. It is not difficult to guess: those were files with viruses.

Due to the fact that our website was made on high-quality and protected CMS, the files remained simply files and thanks to the competent structure the virus could not penetrate other directories.

If that one had been a WordPress website, we would have had a lot of problems.

What is the reason?

I took advise of my colleagues and the community of developers from other countries. It turns out to be a fairly common problem outside Estonia. For example, one developer team has developed a project on php framework of Laravel and the project contained files that reminded those that I had.

Shared hosting

Most websites are hosted on so called shared hostings. In simple terms, there are several websites next to each other on one server. If an attack is made against the neighboring website or such a neighboring website gets viruses, then your website will also have the problem.


WordPress websites are vulnerable to virus attacks. It is true that they can be updated (a few people do it). However, taking into account everything written above, it is not necessarily true that your neighbor updates his website, therefore your site might also get damaged.

What is to FFbe done?

The first thing one can do is to build a CMS-based website that normally have no security problems. We have been creating such web sites for many years already.

Secondly, if possible, you need to move it to VPS. Manage your server, and you will not depend on any neighbors. We also offer services of our partners, and the VPS value starts from 200 EUR per year depending on the project scale.