About Wordpress, Tilda, Wix, and other website builders

Just a few days ago, an article describing the "advantages" of site builders compared to a site development from scratch has been published on a popular business portal. Let us discuss the main points of this article.

About Wordpress, Tilda, Wix, and other website builders


Website development on the website builder goes ahead much faster. This statement is absolutely true.

But it is worth telling about the opposite side of this approach: a bunch of garbage codes that slows down the site operation and takes the site down the list in search results.


A web site, developed from scratch, costs much more.

This is again a right statement. After all, we take money for all stages of development: starting from the market and competitors’ analysis, ending with the development of a layout, its coding, an admin panel development, exclusive features so that our client can quickly and effortlessly  manage the website without any problem in the future.


In the article the author writes that in order to manage a web site developed from scratch, you must contact the developer each time for modifications. Partially it is true.

Site builders allow you to partially change the site contents. However, deeper and more specific site settings (for example, SEO settings) are not changeable under such circumstances due to a number of features.


At first glance, it seems that it is easy to manage a web site developed with a website builder. It is an illusion.

A client  can adjust the content of the site (texts, images) absolutely on all web sites developed by us without any problems. If necessary, we create separate plugins for even more convenient site operation. For example, a plugin that displays the latest works on the web site. The client fills in or changes only the necessary lines and these changes are applied on the entire web site immediately. For example, here on the web site media1.ee, we easily manage the services, portfolio, articles, contact information, and their translations.

Now imagine that we need to make a change on the web site developed with a site builder. Let's say we need to change the business hours. This information is in the site's header, on separate pages, and in the footer of the site. We need to change this information separately in all these places. What if your web site is in three languages (Estonian, Russian, English), for example? The amount of work triples.

Our approach allows to change 1 field in the admin panel and the changes will apply in all possible places in all languages.


Website builders offer only ready solutions that are supposed to satisfy any client but cannot do it.

Each business field has its own peculiarities, and we take it into account. Each button, each small item shall make sense. Nothing should prevent your potential customer from making a purchase or placing an order on your web site.

I hope that now you have a little more idea of our work. Make your contribution to your business - order the web site development from professionals. Your web site will definitely bring you a lot of customers.